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items that makes sense to you

  1. -Mood

  2. -Food

  3. -Sleep

  4. -Health

  5. -Things

  6. -School

  7. -Work

  8. -Home

Create your own custom items (Not Available in Gratitude & Happiness)

View how your life works

  1. -Graphs by hour, Day, week, month

  2. -Compare 5 items over time in Vertical view

  3. -Compare 3 items in horizontal view

  4. -Different displays to look back in time, from 6 hours to 12 months

  5. -Click on each item to change to Averages, Maximum, Minimum, Totals, or last entries

  6. -view & edit lists of past entries

Capture notes

Export item entries via email

Full of Features

track what matters to your life
understand How Things are related
see your improvement
fun, colorful, easy

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become a happier person

Get in shape, stick to your routine, pin down what brings you off track, Reach your Goals

Improve your grades

reach your target weight

Cut down on that daily commute

Quit a habit, understand what makes craving worse or better, see what rewards work, feel good about visible progress.

Make changes to your life, understand what happens, aND see your improvement

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Gratitude & Happiness

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